Updated on 03.04.2024

Ready Player Me

Ready Player Me is creating personal 3D avatars of people from a single selfie for games and virtual worlds. The company is building a cross-game avatar platform that makes it easy for users to navigate many virtual experiences while keeping their identity consistent.  They are currently looking for:

Character Rigger

Software Engineer

Web3 Product Manager

Blueray VR

Blueray VR provides services where you can experience the touch of time with VR-glasses in exactly the same places as you stand. They are currently looking for:

Unity Developer

Alpha 3D

AI powered automatic 3D content creation platform. They make 3D model creation simple and scalable for augmented reality, virtual try-on, virtual reality, NFTs, games and marketing. As a backbone of the metaverse their cutting edge technology helps to merge 2D with virtual worlds. They are looking for:

Data Engineer

Avar ONE

AVAR is a leading new-age Metaverse Shopping Experiences provider with over 10 years of experience. They are currently looking for:

Full Stack Developer

Unreal Engine Developer

Head of Sales

Maru VR

Maru VR Productions is a virtual reality production company, committed to creating high-quality custom-made VR solutions. Since 2016, they have developed more than 30 VR projects for tourism, marketing, education and manufacturing sectors. Maru VR is currently looking for its roguelike survival game for VR:

Developers, 3D artists, programmers, sound designers, etc.

CM Games

Creative Mobile is an independent game developer based in Northern Europe. Founded in 2010, the company has quickly evolved into a leading game studio, consistently topping Android and iOS game charts. We are best known for the Drag Racing series, which defined a new genre of mobile games and became one of the most downloaded franchises of all time with more than 400 million lifetime installs. CM Games is currently is looking for: