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Estonian Virtual and Augmented Reality Association connects enthusiasts, scientists, service providers and others to share knowledge and create new opportunities.

Eevr about us

EEVR (Estonian Virtual and Augmented Reality Association) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advance and coordinate the development of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality in Estonia. EEVR combines VR and AR professionals in companies, research centres, public organisations and also VR enthusiasts and freelancers.

The role of the EEVR is to increase the overall awareness of the developments and achievements in the field of VR and AR, enhance cooperation among local and international organizations and provide relevant information about the state of VR and AR in Estonia.

EEVR is a contact point that shares VR/AR related information and contacts, offers consultations, advice, and organises meetups, workshops and trainings.

Board members

Märt Lume (Futuclass)

Rein Zobel (Maru VR)
Board Member

Ats Kurvet (ExteriorBox)
Board Member

Founding members

Andres Ääremaa (TalTech)
Heiki Luts (Frost FX)
Kristen Tamm (Futuclass)
Lilit Palmar (Maru VR)
Mario Saarik
Marko Mänd (Hypester)

Eevr history


The Estonian VR community was created in 2014 by two enthusiasts – Mario Saarik and Madis Vasser. They introduced Virtual Reality in schools and events, organized regular enthusiast meetings, trips to other VR communities abroad (e.g. Finland and Sweden), built a website, and later hosted virtual events. The heart of the community has always been the EEVR Facebook group, which includes 1200 members as of 2021 and is growing.

In 2020, Estonian Virtual and Augmented Reality Association (shortened EEVR) was officially established as a non-profit, with board members Märt Lume, Rein Zobel ja Ats Kurvet. The focus of the new EEVR is to keep supporting individuals passionate about VR and AR in Estonia but also to advocate for the interests of Estonian companies and institutions working in VR and AR. EEVR gathers people of very different backgrounds – developers, scientists, gamers, creatives, entrepreneurs, etc. It is a place to share knowledge and meet new people, which can (as it has many times over the years) lead to fruitful collaborations.

The creation of this website was supported by Year of Digital Culture 2020.

Year of Digital Culture 2020

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