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The following companies are the official members of Estonian Virtual and Augmented Reality Association.

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Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is the flagship of Estonian technical education. We develop and apply XR technologies in both research and teaching. We empower our students with the XR skills needed for professional use. We offer consultations, conduct workshops and carry out various projects: from simple XR applications to large and research-intensive development projects.

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Alpha AR

AI powered automatic 3D content creation platform. We make 3D model creation simple and scalable for augmented reality, virtual try-on, virtual reality, NFTs, games and marketing. As a backbone of the metaverse our cutting edge technology helps to merge 2D with virtual worlds.

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Estonian Rescue Board

The Estonian Rescue Board belongs to the area of government of the Ministry of the Interior. Our mission is to prevent accidents, save lives, and protect property and the environment. In accident prevention, our focus is on safety concerning water, fire, and explosives, as well as on emergency preparedness. VR technology is of great help to the Estonian Rescue Board. It allows us to better demonstrate the dangers and to physically practice the techniques for handling them. VR experience helps both children and adults act more safely in actual dangerous situations.

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The BIM CAVE at TTK University of Applied Sciences visualizes building information models (BIM) that are commonly used in the building design process. BIM models are visualized as a walkthrough model and in Virtual Reality. These possibilities enable the building users to participate in the design process. Visualization in an immersive environment allows them to give feedback on the design and thus improve the future building.

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Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Lab (University of Tartu)

The University of Tartu’s Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Lab in the Institute of Computer Science is a virtual reality, video games, and computer graphics study lab for the students of the largest university in Estonia. The CGVR Lab has dedicated workstations and many virtual reality devices for study, work, and research. Hundreds of students annually take our courses and the lab is used by about fifty of them. The cool student works can be found in

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Wolf3D is creating personal 3D avatars of people from a single selfie for games and virtual worlds. The company is building a cross-game avatar platform that makes it easy for users to navigate many virtual experiences while keeping their identity consistent. Wolf3D’s customers include Tencent, Huawei, HTC, Vodafone, and Wargaming, among many others. The company was founded in 2014 and started with building professional hardware-based 3D scanners. The 20,000 high-quality face scans gathered in the process allowed Wolf3D to develop their deep learning solution for creating personal avatars on any device from a single photo.

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You can read about past times from the books, look at old photos and movies or listen to stories, but have you ever got a chance to step inside the history? We in BLUERAY know how to experience history as if on your own skin. We offer virtual time travels as a service and we do custom solutions for others. As a University of Tartu spin-off company, BLUERAY values learning and we are the best visualizers of authentic history in Estonia. We devote ourselves to develop different multimedia solutions and user experiences in the cultural heritage and tourism sector. Let’s make history come alive!

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AVAR is creating computer-altered realities for E-Commerce, Real Estate, Construction, Manufacturing and more, since 2017. We are a 5-person-core-team of highly enthusiastic people in the 3D and XR field. With over 250+ projects delivered, we have created a network of 15+ professionals which includes 3D artists, developers, engineers, designers, marketing & storytelling experts. We offer all-in-one immersive 3D and XR solutions made for businesses, meanwhile focusing on your end customers and their needs. Our solutions help you by cutting sales time, reducing insecurity and enhancing the experience of buying online.

Mobi Lab AR – Do the physically impossible!

Add value to physical locations by displaying virtual content in augmented reality. Content like educational 3D objects in classrooms, engaging 3D stories of cultural heritage in streets, or quickly accessible 3D guidance in work environments.
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CM Games

CM Games is an independent game developer and publisher based in Northern Europe since 2010. We are developing mobile, VR, and NFT projects. Over 400 million players have installed our hit games such as Into the Radius, Nitro Nation, and Drag Racing. Our team comprises over 150 gifted professionals all over the world. We are united by our passion for games, but also our desire to succeed and keep raising the bar. From our humble beginnings at the dawn of mobile gaming to serving more than 300 000 players daily, we are always challenging ourselves to exceed expectations. Nothing motivates us more than stories of players having fun, learning something, or finding new friends – and even love – by playing our games.


MEDIT is a Centre of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture at the Baltic Film, Media and Arts School (BFM) of Tallinn University. MEDIT is an interdisciplinary hub for research and artistic collaborations focused on cultural change and innovation processes that accompany the proliferation of digital media. MEDIT’s creative work and collaborations in the area of VR and AR are managed by our Creative Lab.

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Greip Productions

Greip Productions specialises in creating modern video solutions. We combine our experience of creativity, technical production, marketing and post-production to produce contemporary content focused on innovation. We offer customised production solutions for holograms, 360-degree productions, VR and various hybrid solutions while combining different technologies. Our clients include various companies, government facilities, museums, marketing- and event marketing agencies.

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Maru VR Productions

Maru VR Productions is a virtual reality production company, committed to creating high-quality custom-made VR solutions. Since 2016, we have developed more than 30 VR projects for tourism, marketing, education and manufacturing sectors. Our portfolio includes VR attractions, games, training tools, etc. Our clients are various museums, city governments, private companies and education organisations. With each project, we focus on breaking new ground and creating additional value for our clients.

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ExteriorBox offers real-time and VR application development, CG imagery production and consulting services both locally and abroad. The aim of the company is solving the more challenging problems in the field using cutting edge technology and knowledge gained from industry experience.

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Estonian Museum of Natural History

With the help of AR and VR, the Estonian Museum of Natural History enriches the museum experience, making otherwise invisible organisms and processes visible to visitors. With the help of VR, we have recreated the ancient sea that was situated on Estonian territory millions of years ago and simulated the world perception of bats. With the help of AR, we have revived otherwise passive fossils and made the Estonian national butterfly so large that visitors can see the scales covering its wings. With the help of AR and VR, we are creating more and more “layers” to our exposition, and we can probably say that we are currently VR cinema with the largest number of visitors in Estonia.


Acode is developing a virtual reality application/game VRekken, which aims to offer the most realistic close combat and contact free self-defense training experience. VRekken features constant positioning of the player’s head, hands and feet, MoCap and physical animations, carefully thought-out AI behavior, different situations and environments that guarantee extraordinary experiences.

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Futuclass teaches STEM subjects to middle school students through gamified experiences in Virtual Reality. Each study module has been co-created with educational experts and passed the test with target age group for learning value. Futuclass team knows that kids learn better with real-time feedback and in a distraction-free environment where it is fun to experiment, and is passionate about bringing these new engaging ways of learning to the kids worldwide.

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