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About 2022 – EEVR’s Viewpoint

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The global XR scene in 2022 is often described as “recovering from the hype/boom” of 2021. A lot of resources were invested in the almighty Metaverse but when the novelty faded, so did the enthusiasm. This of course does not mean doom to the XR technology but rather the emergence of a new mindset – quality over quantity. “The noise around the Metaverse may have calmed since its peak in ’21, but this means more serious founders with better validated ideas (FOV Ventures: Annual Review).”

For the Estonian Virtual and Augmented Reality Association (EEVR), 2022 was a year of new starts and community building. In addition to welcoming 4 new members, our team also grew by a Community manager. EEVR organized 4 Meetups throughout the year (read more about the Meetups). Meetups enable members to network and discuss common and uncommon topics in an informal environment. It can’t be stressed enough how important collaboration and knowledge sharing is in a small community like Estonia. That is also the main reason why EEVR as an organization strives every year to participate in relevant partner events. In 2022, we took part in 4 of them: University of Tartu Computer Graphics Projects EXPO 2022, Delta Career Day, AWE Nite: Eyes on Estonia and Latitude 59. And although it is really nice to meet someone physically these days, one can’t underestimate the role of digital channels for effective community building. For smoother communication, we launched the Estonian XR Discord channel and EEVR Monthly Newsletter in 2022. The EEVR website was updated with a brand new Jobs page which enables job seekers to browse all Estonian XR vacancies on one page. Another informative and interesting addition to the EEVR’s website was the annual Estonian XR sector report.

EEVR at sTARTUp Day 2022 side event
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But what is EEVR without its members? Here is a small list of the impressive highlights some of our members managed to pull off in 2022:

As can be seen from this list, fundraising and new product launches stood out the most. Both Alpha AR and Ready Player Me (Wolf 3D) raised money for further developments in building the Metaverse. By now Ready Player Me has partnered with over 5000 companies to integrate with its avatar platform, and we are hoping for the same kind of success for the newly rebranded Alpha 3D, a 2D to 3D product generator tool directed at e-commerce sites.

Avar ONE launched their ultra realistic 3D virtual showroom experience and Mobi Lab revealed Reality Maker to enable anyone to create new Augmented Reality experiences code-free. Besides Ready Player Me, the biggest winner in 2022 was definitely CM Games with their hit survival game “Into the Radius” which after some significant optimizations was launched on Quest 2 in September. With the resulting 2.5X increase in sales compared to the previous year,”Into the Radius“ exceeded all expectations and has certainly inspired CM and hopefully others to pursue more VR titles in the future.

Ready player me brands metaverse avatars
Into the radius vr quest 2 1

In conclusion, we hope that all these new beginnings of 2022, including the ones not mentioned here, will keep evolving into prosperous XR products and services in 2023. EEVR will continue to support the Estonian XR ecosystem by strengthening ties within the community, driving awareness of XR technologies in Estonian society, and inspiring a new generation of XR professionals.


Eva Roosaar, EEVR Community Manager

Copy of eecr meetup #28 mobilab

EEVR Meetup #30- Recap

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EEVR Meetup #30 took place in Baltic Film, Media and Art School on November 2nd. This time we had two presentations. First of them was made by Külliki Tafel-Viia and Ermo Säks and covered research related initiatives and projects concerning Metaverse made in BFM. Secondly, Märt Lume talked about his impressions from AWE EU 2022. In addition to presentations, quest were able to try out brand new Quest Pro and Tilt Five Holographic Game System.

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Mixing realities 4

Mixing Realities- sTARTUp Day 2022

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On a warm August evening a bunch of XR enthusiast gathered in a unique cinema setting at Tartu Elektriteater to catch up and enjoy the Estonian premiere of Joe Hunting’s movie “We Met in Virtual Reality”. During the movie the audience had a chance to ask questions via and these questions and other related topics were discussed after the movie by Andra Siibak (University of Tartu, Professor of Media Studies), Ermo Säks (Tallinn University BFM, Junior Research Fellow) and Märt Lume (Chairman of EEVR). Watch the recording of the panel discussion below.

This event was a a part of a sTARTUp Day 2022 side events program to boost Estonian XR Community and build general awareness of XR field.

EEVR at sTARTUp Day 2022 side event
Eecr meetup #28 mobilab (2)

EEVR 28 – recap

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EEVR Meetup #28 took place in Tartu and was hosted by awesome Mobi Lab team. This time the focus was set on Augmented Reality and the topics varied from our own Estonian AR projects to somewhat new phenomena that is Passthrough and its implementations.

Three very interesting talks were held. The link to each can be found below as well as in EEVR Youtube channel.

Allan Valm- How to add value to physical locations?

Ott Saar- Augmented Reality Enhancements for Remato

Märt Lume- AR Experiences with Passthrough VR: Short Study of What’s Out There Now

Animated black friday facebook event cover

EEVR 27- recap

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EEVR Meetup #27 was held on 30th of april 2022 at CM Games office in Tallinn. Despite a long break between Meetups it was nice to see many kind faces and fellow enthusiasts. The agenda consisted of 3 very interesting talks and speakers from Estonian top XR companies. Topics varied from companies’ insights to global events and business. Each talk can be watched from below.

Rein Zobel from MaruVR Productions “Impressions of GDC 2022. What stood out?”

Marko Post from FrostFX “Executing Production Globally”

Bohdan Sereda from CM Games “CMVR: What’s under the hood?”

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EEVR Launch Party at sTARTUp Day

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EEVR official Launch Party took place during sTARTUPd Day, the largest tech festival in the Baltics held in Tartu, Estonia. The highlight of the party was definitely the premiere of EEVR Launch Video, which showcases six world-class use cases of Virtual Reality by EEVR member companies today. Check it out below! (with English subtitles).

With over 50 attendants enjoying 3 talks, 4 demo booths, food, drink and networking, the event was a great success. Perhaps it was the community missing an actual physical get-together, or the scale of the event possible due to being part of sTARTUp Day festival, but this was the largest turnout in EEVR’s 5-year history. It also set a new quality bar for future EEVR events. Here are a few photos.

The following companies exhibited their VR products in demo booths:

  • Futuclass – Futuclass VR lessons (Quest)
  • Estonian Rescue Board – fire and water safety learning apps (Vive and Quest)
  • Taltech – VR environments developed by students and research teams (Quest)
  • Blueray – time travel to experience the historic Oru Palace of Toila in 1938 (Quest)

Two of three talks given are currently available on EEVR Youtube channel (subscribe!), and linked below.

Märt Lume, Chairman of EEVR – Estonian VR Out of The Closet And Towards The Metaverse

Janek Innos, Estonian Rescue Board – How Virtual Reality Can Save Lives

The third talk, Mystical Type Experiences in VR by Madis Vasser, Researcher at Tartu University and Co-Founder of EEVR, is pending for a later release following a publishing in a scientific journal.

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