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Eevr 4 10

EEVR IV – preview

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Eevr 4 10

The next EEVR is closing in! The fourth gathering of the fellowship of the Rift takes place june 6th in Tartu, Estonia. This time we have partnered with Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences Mainor, both in terms of content and location. The program begins already at 11 am with the introduction to Mainor’s upcoming game design course by Kristi Ramot. At 12 we’ll have a short demo session to bring all the new people on board the VR train. At 13 sharp we’ll venture into the VR geek territory with cool talks from Siim Raidma (“VR: porting and game design) and Rein Zobel (“VR video”). After that we’ll do another round of demos until 17 pm, roughly. We welcome everyone – developers, artists, students, academics, entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs or simply enthusiasts!

Full address: Pepleri 6, Tartu, fourth floor penthouse.
Sponsors: Mainor, Criffin, Psychobus

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EEVR III – preview

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Better late than never!

EEVR III is just a few days away, happening on saturday, april 11th at Tallinn. More precisely: Tallinn Polytechnic School (Pärnu mnt 57), starting from 12:00

What’s in store this time around? As an EEVR tradition, Madis Vasser will take the stage and talk about his week-long trip to the recent IEEE VR 2015 conference in France and share the latest trends happening in the academic side of VR. Expect interesting research papers and weird gadgets (example video below). For the second talk session we will either have a group discussion about the upcoming games night (MängudeÖÖ) event or a surprise guest.


Preliminary schedule:
12:00 meet’n’greet
12:15 First talk session (IEEE VR)
13:15 Second talk session (TBA)
14:00 – 17:00 Demo time! Including:
* Elite: Dangerous –
* Alien: Isolation –
* Unreal Paris –
* Weightless –
* World of Comenius –
* VR Lab Rats –
* And many more

Recap from the last event –

Contacts: Mario Saarik / Madis Vasser ( / 53950310)
FB event:
Meetup event:

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EEVR II – preview

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It has been a long time coming, but the second installment of EEVR is finally just around the corner, taking place this saturday (7.02) at noon in Tartu. EEVR is a non-profit gathering of estonian virtual reality enthusiasts, researchers and developers.

Venue: Idea Lab of Tartu University, Narva mnt 4. Enterance through the main door, plenty of parking space.

Preliminary schedule (details below):
12:00 Experiments with the coffee machine
12:30 Talks by Madis Vasser, Filipp Keks & Peeter Nieler
14:00-17:00 Demo sessions with Oculus Rift & Google Cardboard

About the talks:
* Madis is a psychology student focusing on VR related research topics. His current work is related to attention (and lack of it) and making VR more accessible to researchers via an Unity toolbox under development (in collaboration with the IT department).

* Filipp is a professional game developer and VR enthusiast. He is an author of the legendary EvilMech Runner Oculus demo. Lately he has also been messing around with photometric 3D scanning.

* Peeter is an VR entrepreneur and all we are currently allowed to share about him is this:

About the demos:
* Take part in a psychological VR experiment
* Settle the score in an unreleased 1 vs 1 armed laser turret battle game
* Try the visually most stunning experiences available (i.e Senza Peso) on dedicated VR machines
* Bring Your Own Demo!

Recap of the last time:

The event is generously sponsored by Psühhobuss and Criffin.

Contacts: Mario Saarik / Madis Vasser ( / 53950310)
FB event:

See you on saturday!

Eevr 3 pre

EEVR I – preview

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Eevr 3 pre

Time is going super fast and we are just a week away from the first ever EEVR meetup on the 28th of november! It is about time to look at the event in more detail:

Where: Tallinn Polytechnic School (Pärnu mnt 57, room A209)

Preliminary schedule:
15:30 time for setting up the demos
16:00 meet and greet
16:15 Quick introduction to EEVR (Mario Saarik & Madis Vasser)
16:20 Talk 1 – What VR headsets are out there? (Mario Saarik, in estonian)
16:40 Talk 2 – The psychology of VR, lessons from demo shows (Madis Vasser, Psühhobuss, in english)
17:00 Talk 3 – VR and education opportunities (Ivo Visak, in estonian)
17:30 Demo sessions! Some unpublished games and new leap motion VR experiences plus all the well-known VR “classics”.
19:00 Mini-VR-hackaton: combining the rift, kinect v2 and leap motion to bend space-time.
02:30 Watching the first Virtual Reality Awards live event through RiftMax (

We also try to film all the talks and publish them online in the coming weeks, so those who can’t make it in person can still catch up on the good stuff!

PS! Let us know ASAP, if you are bringing a rift and/or computer, so we can plan the logistics!

Contacts: Mario Saarik / Madis Vasser ( / 53950310)

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